Jaelyn Villanueva (Odani)

Jaelyn Odani (1)

Jaelyn is well versed in both commercial and residential valuation and has experience in both front-end appraisal research as well as property and tenant database management. Her recent work as an appraiser for CBRE Valuation and Advisory Services in Hawaii involved research, analysis, and reporting for a variety of real estate types throughout the state.

Jaelyn holds an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Kapiolani Community College, a bachelor’s degree in English from Hawaii Pacific University, and is currently a practicing affiliate with the Appraisal Institute.

Before joining Ponsar Valuation as an Associate, Jaelyn Villanueva was with the Hallstrom Group since 2005 as an appraiser and research analyst.

A PDF copy of Ms. Villanueva’s resume (CV) is found in the link below:

Jaelyn Quals

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